About CLS

Connection Lathe Service Co., Ltd. (CLS) was Incorporated in 2003 to provide machining to all major material suppliers in Thailand. With the Recognition of our capabilities, similar services companies in the oil exploration and related Industries.

Also we have extended our machining services to manufacturing of parts and completed Products in accordance with the stringent specification set by our customers and the oil field industry standards. CLS is committed to what we called a one-stop shop in providing a complete range of manufacturing services, this saving valuable turnaround time for our customers, we have further expanded our capabilities. With our continuous improvement in facilities and machinery, we have extended our manufacturing services not only to the oil field industry. We have established as a reliable and dependable enterprise that reacts quickly to the demand of our customers in term on high level of quality, value added services and meeting demanding delivery schedule.

The company has the strong commitment to unlimited the Customer satisfaction by communicated and deployed the quality Policy and clear objectives to all concerned departments and Employees being met efficiency and effective of all customer requirements by using tools in the quality management system or ISO 9001:2008 on basis of the Deming cycle (Plan-Do-Check - Action) including support and involve on all concerns to the continual improvement in terms of quality throughout Company. In addition, the company has the policy to corporate with supplier to fulfill the quick response to all customer need and requirements and also defined the each operation processes to provide the effectiveness on resources, responsibilities, analysis and improvements.

Our Quality Management System has been certified by International Standards Certifications Pte Ltd. ISO 9001 & 14004 since 2007 with the strong Quality Management Team. API Q1-2139, API 7-1-1135, API 5CT-1627 and QMS ISO 9001:2008


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63 Moo 6 Tambol Chingko
Aumphur Singhanakorn
Songkhla 90280

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+66 (0) 81 479 5794 E-mail: [email protected]

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